Musician / / Songwriter / / Audio Engineer

​Colleen Clark is a musician and audio engineer in Salisbury, MD. 

​Her educational background includes a Master's of Arts degree from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University in Audio Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame in Mathematics and Music Theory/History. She has studied jazz guitar with Donald W. Savoie and jazz percussion with Bill Nicks. 

Clark has worked as a professional musician for over fifteen years, performing with a number of artists including The Channel Surfers, Lawrence (Scotty) Scott, Little Sister, Still Life, M.O.B.B., Johnny Hiland, Bill (Stix) Nicks, Regis Philbin, Red Letter Day, the Zen Monkeys, Wicked Jezabel, and SONiA & Disappear Fear. Though she is primarily a guitarist, she has also performed regularly on bass and drums.

Since 2006, Clark has worked as a recording engineer and producer. She has worked with many artists, including Narissa Bond, Mama's Black Sheep, The Americana Lovebirds, Joy Miller​, Jen Zimberg, and Cassidy & the Music. She has also acted as a composer, producer, and session musician, offering professional guitar, bass, drum/percussion, banjo, accordion, mandolin, and piano tracks to recording artists. 

In 2010, Clark joined the Music Department of Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD. She is currently an Associate Professor and holds the positions of Music Technology Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Department of Music, Theatre & Dance. She teaches Beginning and Advanced Audio Production, Live Sound Production, Music Acoustics, and Ear Training for Recording Engineers in the Department of Music, Theater, and Dance. 

Clark completed her first solo album of original music (As the Crow Flies) in 2013, which also borrows talent from several musicians, including Suzanna Mallow and Angie Travers (The Zen Monkeys), Laura Cerulli (Mama's Black Sheep), Cindy Cashdollar (Asleep At The Wheel, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals), and Brian Simms (The Junkyard Saints). 

Clark's second release (Roulette) was released in the fall of 2016. For this project, she joined forces with producer Erin McKeown and mixing engineer Dave Chalfant. On Roulette, Clark ventures further into electronic production, incorporating elements of hip-hop and R&B into her folk background. The album features McKeown on vocals, guitars, and keys, as well as hip-hop artist Genesis Be.

Both As the Crow Flies and Roulette are available through the MUSIC link above, as well as iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon. They are also distributed in Japan through Sandfish Records.